Vanita Rosa Long Dress Namia Birdy

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  • Long dress with elasticated waist
  • Tied front with knot at the center of the chest
  • Wide open sleeves with small decorative bows
  • Front and back asymmetry
  • Flat ruffles at the bottom

All our creations are sewn with our signature Lace of Calais from France & are made in our Atelier in Paris


The Narnia dress can be worn in different ways, either you cross it in front to tie a knot or you cross it in front to tie a knot in the back so it will hide the knot in front. It is very comfortable to wear and perfect for any city situation such as on vacation.

This material is made of bamboo fiber which allows the skin to breathe well and absorb excess moisture. It's a material that is not see through and does not break between the seams.